NRIs Sending Their Childrens To India Or Abroad For Higher Education

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Adhira 1 Year Ago

Many of us in NRI community in Kuwait always speak about it and discuss this too among the groups - About sending our children's back to India for higher education (UG Program) or should we send them to US for college admission?

There is always a discussion about this and at the end of the day we reach at no conclusion. Considering various facts be it:

1. College admission in India or Abroad?
2. Fee Criteria
3. Students Mindset
4. Scholarships
5. Exam Preparation

I guess most of the time above points are considered while making the decision for sending your child either back to India or abroad for college admission.

The Challenge:

[b]1. College admission in India or Abroad? [/b]

So, many of students in Kuwait have mindset for going to US only for higher education but, we as a parent also think about factors like education quality. Members please share your thoughts on this too. I consider Indian education at UG level in many of the government institutions good where you need to give entrance examinations like JEE, NEET, SAT 2 etc. If a student gets a seat on merit, i think that is the best.

Admission in India:

1. In my case i want my son to prepare for SAT examination and get admission in NITs either through DASA or CIWG. Preferably CIWG, as the fee is much lesser in CIWG quota. If we have this advantage of being in Middle East then why not take it.

2. SAT Subject Test Preparation was a challenge here in Kuwait. There are some institution here preparing students for JEE / SAT etc. I personally don't feel that they are able to deliver what is expected. Personally being an iitian myself i know not many students even register for the JEE Test from Kuwait. So preparing for the SAT test in Kuwait in a difficult job and parents should really think about it. Instead we can join some reputed online coaching program.

So, SAT preparation is a challenge again considering the tutoring facilities we are getting here in Kuwait.

[b]2. Fee Criteria [/b]

In my case the preference is to send my child to India in NITs by writing SAT 2 (SAT Subject Test). Obviously i will be going under CIWG scheme to get max benefit and fee waiver for my ward. I hope if we continue to get fee waiver in CIWG scheme in 2019 - 2020, this will be very helpful.

As against my will - Admission in US Universities - This can also be done but from the fee point of view, this will be very expensive for a UG program in engineering. Again for getting into a good US University you need to get a good SAT score so the challenge of SAT preparation again comes into the picture here. Also the college fee will be much higher.

[b]3. Student's Mindset [/b]

NRI students who has been in Kuwait for last 7-8 years do not want to join back college in India, this is a difficult mindset and hard to break instantly. Members, please share what are you doing about this? Will be glad to know about this! Most of the students would like to go to US or Australia for higher education.

What do you think from the quality, education fee and from career prospects point of view. My son is in grade 10th now and he also doesn't seems to be going back to India. I think i need to start working on this soon.

[b]4. Scholarships[/b]

India Scenario - So we have CIWG / DASA here. In case of CIWG we are saved, only in case if we manage to get into it.
Abroad Scenario - So what are the chances of getting a good scholarship in US universities and how much students need to score for getting a decent scholarship in a recommended college for engineering program. We are looking forward for Computer Science. For getting admission in US universities - Do we need to prepare for SAT 1 or SAT 2 or Both?

So, which one do you think is worth time spending on?

[b]4. Exam Preparation [/b]

In all probability it looks like that we are getting ready for SAT anyway (India admission or Abroad) so, where are you sending your child for SAT preparation or SAT coaching classes. I would like to go for as soon as he gets into grade 11th this April. I would also prefer one on one classes for my son instead of him studying in a group classes in schools where he will practice nothing.

Any past experience of any parents with SAT coaching in Kuwait - Preferably online in one on one model and how much will this cost me for a 2 year continuous program

So, largely this is what i feel living here in Kuwait. Kindly respond me and share your thoughts on this. This will be very helpful for other NRI parents here in Gulf as the situation is more or less same in all middle eastern countries.


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