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      1. Do not try to spam forum / treads, such IPs will be blocked temporarily and may lead to permanent account suspension.

      2. Users are not expected to create unnecessary backlinks on threads for marketing purposes. Such users might get banned from using TestprepKart (Answers).

      3. Please do search an answer of your question on TestprepKart (Answers) before posting a new question.

      4. You cannot spam the group by posting the same question multiple times.

      5. Posting's which are intentionally off-topic or try to sway the discussion completely or partially off topic is generally considered irrelevant and will be removed by developer.

      6. Advertising – We prohibits the posting of advertising links, images or content for the purpose of promoting your brand or yourself considered outside of the category. Creating a new thread for the prohibited outside of their relevant forums.

      7. Lobbying – Same topic bringing up multiple different threads or as an off-topic post in existing threads to get a developer’s attention will be removed by us.

      8. Whatever your language preferences is, please post in the appropriate language forums. We are currently offers your comments and questions in English.

      9. Posts in languages other than the English language will specified for that forum may be deleted or moved to a more appropriate forum without warning.

      10. Contact Information - TestprepKart (Answers) do not encourage you in leaving your personal information like email id or phone number in thread. This might be misused by spammers.

      11. Do a keyword research on questions which you want to ask, this can save our community time and efforts and add your thoughts to a larger existing discussion.

      12. All posted questions and answers are subjected to moderator approval. Questions / Answers / Replies can be deleted from the threads without any prior notification to the users.

      13. Users should not post any copyright content like ebooks, questions or references on forum, any such act if brought to TestprepKart (Answers), such post(s) will be removed from the TestprepKart (Answers)


TestprepKart will respond to clear notices of alleged copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights infringement. For more information, please visit our Terms of Service.


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