What Should I Choose CIWG Or NRI Quota Seat?

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Ankit 262 Days Ago

There were two things asked 
1. Choosing CIWG ( answered yes )
2. Willingness to Non- CIWG seat ( answered no ) 
In this second part, I said no considering I wanted to go through ciwg , but I also want to go through NRI as in if I don't get the expected seat .

asked Oct 16 11:10:36 AM


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  • Well, the answer to this question is more dependent on you more than my answer. But wait.......

    I can help you out to get a clear point of view regarding this query for whom to choose CIWG or NRI Quota Seat?

    So, there is a basic thing that you need to know very clearly, That If you belong to any of the Gulf Country Like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq or Iran.  Then you can only choose CIWG Quota, rather than if you are staying anywhere else and you are an NRI, PIO, OCI, or FN then you come under DASA quota where you count as an NRI.

    If you Choose CIWG Quota your academic fees will be lesser than the other DASA Candidate fee.

    Case 1

    Assume if you belong to any Gulf Country and want to choose CIWG Quota, then you are eligible and can choose the seat at a lower level of fees, and there are 1/3 seats are reserved for the CIWG candidate out of around 3932 total DASA Scheme seats.

    Case 2

    If you belong to other than any gulf country and want to choose ciwg seat then you are not eligible for choosing the seat you application will be canceled at the time of counseling verification of document. You can choose DASA quota at this condition there are 2/3 seats are reserved under dasa around 2600+ seats

    Case 3

    If you belong to any Gulf Country and want to choose both CIWG and NRI Seats for some reason of less percentile. then you can choose CIWG seat the cut-off for the institution are higher than the NRI seat there but, If you do not get any seat under ciwg quota seat then the remaining seat for the dasa category will be allotted to you in some special case. 

    Case 4

    If you belong to the CIWG category and want to apply under NRI Category Seat then you can apply under DASA, but then you would not get any seat under ciwg, then you count as a general NRI. there are 2600+ seats are reserved for NRI students.

    Overall, its all upon you. If you can afford to pay, NRI seats improve your chances of getting a seat. 


    The Fee Difference in CIWG and NRI is:-

    Registration Fees for CIWG & DASA Candidate are the same which is $ 300

    CIWG Semester Fees is INR 62,500

    DASA Semester Fees is $ 4000


    Hope this answer will give you an idea regarding choosing the right one for you.


    262 Days Ago

    asked Oct 16 12:40:00 PM


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