Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Scholarship

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Type  of  award:  Scholarship, renewable.
Intended use: For senior study  at 4-year institution . Eligibility:  Applicant must be at least  18. Applicant must be
U.S. citizen.
Basis for selection: Major/ career interest in welding. Applicant must demonstrate high academic achievement.
Additional information: Applicant must show interest i n welding engineering or welding engineering technology, and have work experience in the  welding equipment  field.
Applicant must have minimum 3.0 GPA. Amount  of  award: $3,000
Number  of awards: 2
Number  of applicants: 20
Application deadline: February 15 Notification begins: April 1 Total  amount awarded: $6,000
AWS Foundation, Inc. Attn: Scholarships
8669 Doral Boulevard, Suite 130 Miami, FL 33166
Phone: 800-443-9353

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