Which Of The Following Types Of Isomerism Is Shown By Pentanone

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    The correct answer is


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  • So here the correct answer is "D"


    These three types of isomerism are shown in Pentanone

    • Chain Isomerism
    • Position Isomerism
    • Functional Isomerism


    Let's discuss how?


    First, we should know about what is Isomerism?

    Isomerism - Isomerism is the phenomenon in which more than one compounds have the same chemical formula but different chemical structures.


    We have given compound pentaone , Below we are making the structure of 5 Carbon chain for pentaone compound


    Structure of compound shown below after adding ketonic functional group and balancing





    Now we will check for which isomerism is possible here

    Chain isomerism - First, Here 5 carbon chain possible also a compound available that have 4 & 3 carbon chain and have the same molecular formula, Than structure will be - 


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    Now we will calculate the molecular formula of both figure Isomerism & Chain Isomerism


    Chain isomerism is possible


    As shown above, both have the same Molecular formula than Chain Isomerism is possible here.



    Position Isomerism - Position isomerism, an example of structural isomerism, occurs when a functional group is in different positions on the same carbon chain.


    Position isomerism is possible

    As shown above, We got the same molecular formula of functional group, So Position isomerism is possible of Pentanone



    Functional Isomerism - Functional isomerism occurs when substances have the same molecular formula but different functional groups.


    Functional isomerism is possible

    As shown in the above image all formulas have Ketonic group, If we replace the Ketonic group with an Aldehydic group, then the molecular formula will be the same again. So Functional Isomerism is possible in Pentaone 

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