Should I Send My Child To India, US Or Keep Him In Tokyo For His Graduation?

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Adhira 1 Year Ago

Hi Fellow Members,

This is Nayan from Tokyo. I'm based in Tokyo from the past 9 years now and hopefully will be spending another 10-15 years here only. I'm running through a confusion about my child, he is currently in grade 11th now in CBSE and very soon he is going to be in grade 12th now.

My concern here is: Should i send him back to India for his higher studies or to US or just keep him here. I do not know which option is better and what other NRI parents are doing about this.

This is true that he will be now preparing for both SAT 1 and SAT 2 as in any case this test is a necessity even if he plan to go back to India or take admission in US university. So i'm sure that we will be preparing for SAT test here in Tokyo.

Does anyone know which colleges or universities in Tokyo we can get admission into. Is SAT also needed for taking admission in universities in Japan?

Would love to hear what experience other parents had while going through this journey. Kindly share this.


asked Jan 23 4:35:23 PM


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  • Hey, great question!!

    DASA fee is $4000/Semester for Non-SAARC students and $2000/semester for SAARC students.
    If you fall into CIWG category your fee would be 62500 INR/Semester.

    Whereas, If you opt for DASA/CIWG then it would cost 5 to 24 lakhs INR for B.Tech. It is entirely reliant on the wide variety of DASA/CIWG schemes.

    If you would like to join the US Universities then it would cost $20000 to $50000 per Annum.
    It's up to you now.

    If you consider quality then NIT is one of the best universities in India. So I advise you to go for DASA until the streams you want aren't offered in India.

    2 Years Ago

    asked May 23 4:35:23 PM


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