A 0.001 Molal Solution Of [Pt(NH3)4CI] In Water Had A Freezing Point Depression Of 0.0054°C. If Kf For Water Is 1.80, The Correct Formulation For The Above Molecule Is.

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Bhushan Mudliyar 3 Years Ago

A 0.001 molal solution of [Pt(NH3)4CI] in water had a freezing point depression of 0.0054°C. If Kf

for water is 1.80, the correct formulation for the above molecule is.

(1) [Pt(NH3)4 Cl3]CI

(2) [Pt(NH3)4 Cl2] Cl2

(3) [Pt(NH3)4 Cl] Cl3

(4) [Pt(NH3)4 Cl4

asked Jun 14 5:59:39 PM

Bhushan Mudliyar

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