Should I Required To Convert My IB Grade Into Percentage To Apply To Indian Engineering Colleges?

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Ishita 149 Days Ago

I have a few questions before putting in my application for DASA 2020 and I was hoping you could help me clear my queries.
AIU already recognises IB (International Baccalaureate) as being equivalent to class 11th and 12th in India but I was wondering if we have to get a separate certificate from them saying that the two boards are equivalent, as the option for that is available on their website and a few people told me that they were getting this particular certificate. I think it is not necessary since that is already known about the equivalency of IB but I wanted to confirm it just in case.
Lastly, regarding IB grade conversion into a percentage, the conversion scales are different on the IB website and on the AIU website. So which one should we be following? 
Also, I wanted to inform you that the resulting transcript (with the percentage results) will be issued by my school itself and not IB as they do not provide this service and instead advise our schools to do that on their behalf. I hope that does not pose any problems in the future. 
I hope to hear from you soon as I have to proceed with my application process!

asked Oct 01 10:15:00 AM


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  • The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) ever since its inception in 1925 had been vested with the responsibility of academic equivalence to the qualifications awarded by the accredited/approved/recognized foreign Boards and Universities, for the purpose of higher studies and employment. AIU thus facilitates the students by issuing equivalence certificates to them. 



    You should choose IB grade conversion procedure of AIU website.


    It's enough if your school provides a resulting transcript on the behalf of the IB board.

    149 Days Ago

    asked Oct 01 11:44:01 AM

    Ananya Gupta

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