Helium Atom Is Two Times Heavier Than A Hydrogen Molecule. At 298 K, The Average Kinetic Energy Of The Helium Atoms Is.

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Bhushan Mudliyar 1 Year Ago

Helium atom is two times heavier than a hydrogen molecule. At 298 K, the average kinetic energy

of the helium atoms is.

( 1) two times that of a hydrogen molecule

(2) same as that of a hydrogen molecule

(3) four time that of a hydrogen molecule

(4) half that of a hydrogen molecule

asked Jun 11 12:19:47 PM

Bhushan Mudliyar

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    Answer -

    B) Same as that of a hydrogen molecule

    Explanation -

    Average kinetic energy per molecule does not depend on the nature of the gas.

    i.e -

    Molecular mass of the gas depends only on the temperature.

    Average kinetic energy of per molecule = 3/2 KT

    "K = Boltzmann Constant "

    "T = Temperature"

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