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Prachi Sen 1 Year Ago

I am looking for SAT Practice Papers for my daughter. She wants to take admission in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Hey there. This is Prachi Sen, I reside from Dubai. My daughter Avantika Sen in the 12th grade from Emirates Future International Academy. She’s good at academics, We are planning to depart her United States for the Graduation program. 

Avantika is interested in computer science, & wants to take admission to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Now she’s doing SAT preparation & SAT exam will be conducted in December. So now I am searching for the best SAT test series/practice papers. By them, she can prepare for the SAT exam, which helps her to take admission to Ivy League college for a good career.

I have read online reviews and seen many practice papers but could not figure out which one to choose and why. Please share your thoughts on this and let me know.

asked Aug 28 11:37:26 AM

Prachi Sen

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    Hey there, this is Riya Singhania, I belong from Qatar. I am preparing for SAT sometimes I get fed up & tensed, I feel SAT is really tuff for me. Anyone can give me a solution about how to still dedicated to SAT Preparations.?

    1 Year Ago

    asked Aug 28 3:17:21 PM

    Riya Singhania

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    If you are hesitant about investing the time and effort consistent practice for the SAT over time I hope I can convince you it works! I hate studying and especially was resentful about the SAT because while I need a good score for the colleges Im applying to, I dont believe the skills are that relevant to my life. 


    Anyway someone talked sense into me and, I got to work in August trying for 22 questions a day. Started with 1270, focusing on Maths questions, I worked and practiced. Every week my goal for myself was to practice every single day, and I put reminders on my mobile, but honestly I ultimately only probably practiced like 4 hours a week. But still, I kept coming back for 3 months. Week after week. Broke up 2 full-lengths over two days so they wouldnt be so miserable, and took the 3rd under testing conditions. Started at 1270, then 1380, 1470, 1450 ( under perfect testing conditions).


    It is now August, my SAT is in December and my last two practice tests were 1460 and 1470. Do not get discouraged or annoyed - constant SAT practice sucks, But if you keep plodding through it really does work to get your score up. Time on task: works for other things, works for the SAT. Give yourself more time so you can be less dedicated, but keep coming back and your scores will go up. There is no magic wand, but grit over time is a proven method, I have tried Testprepkarts Test series which is proved really helpful to me.

    1 Year Ago

    asked Aug 28 3:25:06 PM

    Harsh Saxena

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    Hello, I am Avigya Desai, I want to know how much time should I spend daily on SAT practice papers to increase SAT score?

    1 Year Ago

    asked Aug 28 3:34:30 PM

    Avigya Desai

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    Hi Avigya, my score increased from 1370 to 1420 using TestprepKarts practice papers. I spent between half an hour and 3 hours each day practicing and was pretty serious about it, I kept this up for an entire month and retested afterward. You can improve your score if you just work hard and believe in yourself! :)

    1 Year Ago

    asked Aug 28 3:45:09 PM


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    Im in my junior year, I was thinking about taking the SAT exam this Dec, would it be smarter to wait until Im a senior or just go for it?

    1 Year Ago

    asked Aug 28 4:00:54 PM


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     Hi Fatima, Just go for it. Even if you dont do well in the exam, no big deal, you can always retake it. In senior year, there may not be that many chances left. You can also get help by SAT Practice Paper Online.

    SAT Test Series and Practice Papers Help a lot to prepare for the SAT.

    1 Year Ago

    asked Aug 28 4:06:21 PM

    Nick John

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    Hi, I am Usva Farah from Doha (UAE). I got 860 on my first SAT examination(440 in English and 420 in maths) which wasnt an idle score for me to enter college any good college..I have written the exam again last year...I took the practice papers from TestprepKart and I got 1000(480 in English and 520 in maths) which I know Im improving...My goal is to get above 1400 the next time Ill take the SAT. I would like to suggest testprepKart’s SAT Test Series & Practice papers Online Practice Papers and Test Series is designed by top IIT faculties. Practice Papers and Test Series is designed by top IIT faculties.

    1 Year Ago

    asked Aug 28 4:41:45 PM

    Usva Farah

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    Hey, Its Nora Javed from Qatar (Doha). I am looking for an SAT Practice test for me, I have gone through Testprepkarts test series, I am quite impressed with SAT practice papers. I still have confusion. If I get any doubt, So how would I get my doubts clear ??? 

    1 Year Ago

    asked Aug 28 5:17:02 PM

    Nora Javed

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    Hey there, I am pursuing 12th grade, & I am planning to take SAT Exam in December, I have heard so many times about SAT Test Series And SAT Practice Papers, Still, I dont know the exact importance of SAT Practice Paper, Could anyone help me to figure out, What is the importance of Practice Papers ? And how its helpful to get an idle score in the SAT exam. ?

    1 Year Ago

    asked Aug 29 11:57:49 AM

    Shivi Sharma

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  • Hey Everyone, I heard this query before many times. Why we need SAT Test Series and  SAT Sample papers, &  SAT Practice Papers when we can prepare ourselves. You can prepare yourself that’s not a big deal, but still, dedication towards the right direction is always a big deal. Practice papers and Test series helps you to utilize your time in the right direction.

    I am mentioning few benefits of SAT Practice Papers & Test Series, that’s will help you to know why SAT Test Papers are important. 


    Practice papers help you decide the right length of answers:

    If you prepare yourself you have no idea how long your answer should be. Practice papers and test series helps you to know & utilize your time, & it’s let to know how long your answer should be. 



    Practice papers help you prepare for your exams in the long run:

    Practicing involves mental and physical efforts, effective retention, and ensures comprehension, whereas mugging does not. Practice papers help you avoid mugging up your syllabus and forgetting the same in due course of time. It is rightly said, practice makes a man perfect and practice papers are the best tools for staying abreast of the day to day learning and also stay ever prepared for any sort of exam.



    Practice papers help you stay regular even when you have very little study time in a day:

    SAT Practice Papers & Test series come extremely handy when you have little time to sit and read through the entire portion that was taught in a day. 

    Practice papers offer a quick recap of what was taught, it helps you practice the same and keep whatever was taught fresh in your mind. It also enables you to understand what you missed out in class and hence, gives you a chance to go through it thoroughly and then practice it again, thus saving you the time needed to read up in length on the same.



    Practice papers help you test yourself on a regular basis:

    SAT Practice Papers will help you understand the important topics you constantly forget and the topics you have underprepared. It gives you a chance to dedicate time to the important topics that need special attention. Practice papers give you a perspective towards analyzing the method of preparation for examinations.


     I hope this answer is helpful, & your all doubts are cleared why we need SAT Practice papers/sample papers, & Test Series. If you are looking for SAT Practice Test & SAT Test Series, Click Here Buy SAT Practice Papers Online, It will help you to prepare properly for the SAT exam, & you will get your dream score for Ivy League college.

    1 Year Ago

    asked Aug 29 6:04:14 PM

    Harshit Shrivastav

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  • Hello Nora, TestprepKarts test series / Practice Papers include doubt removal session recording also, which helps you to clear all your doubts. In case you still have any doubt then you can directly mail testprepKart. They will contact you shortly. TestprepKarts Practice Test Series includes few benefits & features. Few are mentioned below:-

    1. Get free Practice Papers for the last years for SAT & SAT Subject Test,

    2. Test Series’ Score & Rank comparison of all the SAT Aspirants (across the globe) enrolled with TestprepKart.

    3. Test (practice) papers questions based on the deep analysis of recent SAT papers.


    Buy SAT Test Series Online

    4. Rescheduling of Test on demand if the student is not available at the specified time.

    5. Free Download option for all the previously conducted Tests & its solutions.

    6. Tackling the subjects into topic-wise & chapter wise distribution helps you gain confidence.


    7. Quicker results help Preparations.

    8. Follows MCQ style questions as of SAT latest Pattern for all the subject- Reading, Writing, Calculator and No calculator, Physics, Chemistry, Maths &, etc.

    9. All curriculum students (CBSE, ICSE, IB, ACT or IGCSE) are eligible for this Test Series.


    SAT Test series / SAT Practice Papers helps you to get a good score.  Its helpful to prepare for the SAT exam. To get Practice papers Online visit here.


    1 Year Ago

    asked Aug 28 6:20:01 PM

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