Looking For Admission In AP Or IB Curriculum. Which One Is Better?

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Adhira 1 Year Ago

We are an NRI family based out of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), based on my experience so far and understanding the local circumstances here till date. I have realised that CBSE is not the right curriculum for us and may be we can switch to IB or AP curriculum.

Now the problem is that i am unable to figure out which one is better in terms of scope and competitiveness. I need to know which curriculum is best for my child and why?

Any suggestion on this is really highly appreciated. Looking forward in getting some.

Deepak Prabhakar

asked Jan 23 4:35:23 PM


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  • Both IB (International Baccalaureate) and AP (Advance Placement) are high school curriculum programs that provide college level courses and are internationally recognized. AP program was developed in US whereas IB program was developed in Switzerland, but AP is more popular among students as compared to IB.

    Though both the programs aim to provide college level course and college credit but goals of both the program differ. IB emphasises more on critical thinking and writing whereas AP emphasises on teaching specific content and assessing their knowledge in exams. IB is a costlier program than AP and students need to be enrolled in IB cases to give IB exam which is not the case in AP.

    Also, IB standard level courses are not given credit by colleges whereas all AP courses are given credit which means that if you take same number of subject in each program, the chances for higher credit will be for AP. So, for choosing the best out of IB and AP, you need to ask yourself whether you are attracted towards IB’s focus on broader education and writing or towards AP flexible approach.

    2 Years Ago

    asked May 23 4:35:23 PM


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  • If you are looking to get enrolled in a program that offer college level course, then you must be confused between IB and AP. Both the programs prepare you for college level work and improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. But AP credit is accepted by most of the colleges as compared to IB and both the programs differ from each other in certain areas.

    AP is a course specific program that lets you focus on a given topic but IB emphasises on the course and its impact on other parts of the world. AP is a flexible 1-year program that can be taken at any stage whereas IB DP is 2-year course that is incorporated in class XII. In AP, students are assessed through a multiple-choice question paper whereas IB students are assesses through internal and external assessment based on written and oral exams, experiment, projects and portfolios which polishes your writing ability and creative thinking.

    So, finally to choose the best from AP or IB, a student must first consider following three factors

    [b]Your area of interest[/b] – If you want to emphasize more on improving your writing and critical thing then go for IB and if you want to be in studies along with extra-curricular activities, then go for AP. Also, if a student completed IB diploma program then he is given a diploma.

    [b]Credit given by your preferred university[/b] – Do consider the fact that most of the universities give credit to AP but you will have to see which program does your university gives credit to.

    [b]Program affordability[/b] – IB is a costlier program than AP and joining IB requires joining online classes mostly, so think and consider your financial status.

    2 Years Ago

    asked May 23 4:35:23 PM


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