Hi, I Would Like To Know All The Universities/colleges Where SAT Score Is Applicable In Hyderabad. I Am US Citizen, Studied In India

Sudiksha 21 Days Ago

Hi, I would like to know all the Universities/colleges where SAT score is applicable in Hyderabad. I am US citizen, studied in India my entire education.

asked Jul 31 8:47:55 PM


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    Hello, Im also an NRI student and prepare for SAT test for admission in Engineering Colleges in India. With your SAT Score you can get admission in NITs, IIITs, CFTIs, IIITs (Through DASA / CIWG) scheme by MHRD. 


    Else you can write SAT and get admission in NSIT (Delhi), DTU (Delhi) and IIIT Hyderabad based on SAT score. 


    Hope this helps you. 

    20 Days Ago

    asked Aug 01 4:24:42 PM


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    Hi Sudhiksha, 

    I found this video relevant for you. Please check this Youtube video.



    20 Days Ago

    asked Aug 01 3:30:12 PM


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